Reasons why Facelift is an Actual Boon

Reasons why Facelift is an Actual Boon

Aiming for results that will beautifully complement their patient’s unique appearance rather than working within a one-size-fits-all mentality. However, despite these advancements, negative stereotypes are often the primary thing that involves the mind when it involves plastic surgery— especially regarding the facelift.

  1. Skin Tightening

As corrective cryosurgery, facelift works to congeal and mellow skin on the face and neck by separating the skin from underlying muscles and tissues during a process called “tunneling”. The muscles and tissue beneath the skin are repositioned and tightened, skin is draped over the face and excess skin is trimmed- effectively smoothing away fine lines and firming the skin.

2. Gender neutral

Contrary to popular belief, facelifts aren’t just a well-liked procedure among women. consistent with the American Society of Aesthetic cosmetic surgery (ASAPS), facelifts landed within the top five cosmetic procedures of 2017 for men, and male patients made up nearly one-tenth of all facelift procedures performed that year

3. Jawline enhancer.

Loss of facial fat and skin elasticity features a tendency to tug our skin down as we age, often leading to sagging skin on the face. Loose skin tends to hold off the jaw and neck, forming jowls or an unsightly buccula. In India, we have the best facelift surgeon in Indore.

4. Aging, Loosening, stuffiness all under one go.

Facelift procedures aim to remove multiple signs of aging sustained over the years by removing excess skin, tightening underlying tissue and muscle, draping the remaining skin for a smoother and tighter appearance to the face and neck. If you discover yourself battling any of the subsequent common signs of aging, a facelift can resolve these concerns in only a single surgery.

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