Lip Correction, Augmentation and lip enhancement surgeon in Indore

One of the most sorted after cosmetic surgery is augmentation of lips. All those with not so sexy lips might feel the pinch of being deprived of ‘ Sexy Lips’
There is no other way to get your puckers looking gorgeous other then a cosmetic procedure, what so ever liner, colour ,texture of lip gloss you apply !!!
Basically there are two ways to do it
1) By fillers: Commercially available , done as OPD procedure and quick. They are non absorbable.
2) Autologous Tissue (fat / compound graft/ fascia) harvested from own body. This is done in operation theatre.
Fillers do have chance of being rejected by body and have slightly more risk of infection, while autologous grafts have got chance of unpredictable reabsorbtion!!
You decide wisely ,and we do it for you with extra care!!
That’s it ..and how it works !!!