Gender Reassignment Indore

Do you know, whats its like born in cage!?? Its most disturbing feeling to be born in the cage of your own body!!

The torturous captive of your own feeling can leave you hollow!

No body except you can understand the feeling of being born with body, that doesn’t belong to you. If you think are a female born with male body or a male, born with female body, its time to release your soul!

We at life Aesthetics Plastic-Cosmetic Surgery center, are one stop solution to all your problem. Here we have team of Plastic surgeon, Gynecologist, psychitrist, endocrinologist and lawyer, to help you with all you need for a gender change!

We now have experience of over 6 yrs, with 37 successful surgeries to our credit.
And yes, we can proudly claim to be most secreative and dignified professionals.
Welcome Aboard!