Ear Pinning/Otoplasty Recovery, Risks & Complications, Cost

otoplasty surgeon in indore

Ear Pinning/Otoplasty Recovery, Risks & Complications, Cost

Ear Pinning/Otoplasty Recovery, Risks & Complications, Cost

otoplasty surgeon in indore


Recovery Following Ear Pinning:

After ear pinning surgery, you’ll probably be able to go around within a few hours, but you’ll need a friend or family member to pick you up and stay with you for 24 hours. Any throbbing or hurting that may happen in the first few days will be relieved by medication. However, it is crucial that you take a week off from work or school to recover. For about a month, refrain from engaging in any activity that could bend the ear.
Following surgery, a thick bandage will be placed around your head for a week to aid in appropriate shaping and healing. After that, the bandage will be changed out for a lighter headband-style headdress. You must follow your Toronto plastic surgeon’s instructions for wearing this dressing exactly, especially at night. The surgically implanted stitches usually fall out after a week.

Ear Pinning Risks & Complications:

Major complications from ear surgery are uncommon when carried out by trained, experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Ashwini Dash. However, there are dangers involved with surgery, and there may be particular difficulties with this technique.

A tiny number of people who have otoplasty procedures may develop a blood clot on their ear, which may resolve on its own or may require a needle to be used to take it out. Patients may occasionally get an infection of the cartilage, which can leave them scarred. Antibiotics are typically effective in treating such infections, although occasionally surgery to drain the diseased region is necessary. Rarely, a deep suture (a surgical seam) may fail, enabling the ear to pop back out and necessitating a second procedure.

Ear Pinning Photo Gallery:

The majority of our Indore, India otoplasty patients—young and old—are delighted with the outcomes of their ear surgery, in large part because of the thorough pre-op consultation. However, it is crucial to realise that we are aiming for improvement rather than perfection because symmetry in ears is improbable and unnatural.

How Much Does Ear Pinning Cost?

The cost of ear pinning often surprises patients who visit our clinic for consultations on otoplasty, especially when they learn about the financing and payment options we offer. After having this surgery, patients frequently tell us that they no longer consider it to be a “expense,” but rather an investment in their happiness and future. Cosmetic surgery costs can differ from person to person depending on unique circumstances. During your consultation, your surgeon will provide you with a more accurate estimate.

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