A teenager can see his own face for the first time in more than 10 years after kind strangers paid for a string of complicated operations to remove horrific facial tumors.

Mithun Chauhan was cruelly nicknamed the Ghost Boy by classmates who said when they saw him they ran away in fear.

He was asked to leave the school because he scared the other children after he developed lumps all over his face and body due to rare genetic condition.

But local media in his home town of Nawada, Bihar, India started an online crowdfunding campaign and raised 600,000 rupees about £7,000 for a serious of operations to remove the tumours.

Now the 16-year-old can smile and eat properly for the first time, and see his own face for the first time in years.

His delighted mum Bachia Devi said: “I can not believe this.

Locals crowdfunded the money to pay for Mithun’s operations (Photo: Newslions / SWNS)

“This is the first time I am seeing my son’s face.

“Those giant tumors are gone. See he has a nose now.”

His family claim the sores spread across his body after a doctor prescribed the wrong medicine to treat a painful mole when he was five.

The swelling around his face grew so severe that he struggles to eat, see and breathe.

He was admitted to a local primary school aged eight but on his first day, the children were cruel.

“They called me a ghost and started running for their life as if they had a seen a real one,” said Mithun.

Mitchun left school because the other children were so cruel (Photo: Newslions / SWNS)

His worried neighbours feared the schoolboy had been ‘cursed’ by the gods, so they prayed every day and performed rituals to cure him.

It was not until he was taken to a doctor in recent years he was diagnosed with neurofibroma, a rare genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow along nerves.

Indian news agency Newslions heard about his plight and started a fundraising campaign to raise the cash before approaching the family with the money.

He enjoys playing cricket at his home in India (Photo: Newslions / SWNS)

Initially the family were sceptical, fearing he would be targeted by “organ smugglers”, but agreed to allow to fly for tests.

Speaking of his first flight, the lad said: “I was a little scared when the plane took off and also at the time of landing.

“I really enjoyed the flight. I saw houses that looked like matchboxes. We were traveling though clouds.”

Medics discovered the tumours were non-cancerous and agreed to do the three-hour operation in February.

They family made a 24-hour 900-mile train journey to Life Care Hospital in Indore for the operations in February and March.

The 16-year-old with his family after the surgery (Photo: Newslions / SWNS)

Dr Ashwini Dash, who first diagnosed his condition, said: “It was a complex operation.

“The boy had tumours all over his face.

“There was not a single inch of skin on his face that didn’t have tumor on it.

“Anyway, we managed to do the bulk of the work of removing the big tumors from his cheeks and nose.

“We also created his nose and chin during the operation. Overall it was a successful operation.”

After 10 days stay at the hospital, Mithun and his father Ramji Chauhan returned to his village where locals were surprised to see his transformation.

Mithun Chauhan is happier after the operation to remove the tumors (Photo: Newslions / SWNS)

Proud dad Ramji said: “Mithun came here without a face and he has returned with one.

“Now nobody would call my son a ghost or poke fun at him for his looks.

“He can now face the world and lead a normal life.”

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