Aging Is Inevitable…Staying Beautiful Is A Choice!!

Aging Is Inevitable…Staying Beautiful Is A Choice!!

There is a way to grow ,that’s known as growing with grace!!

Aging can not be prevented,though it can be slowed down by exercise and nutrition!

At initial signs of aging which starts coming at around 35 yrs of age,can be treated by laser ,Botox and all.

But,when it is beyond proportions ,face saggs down with loss of fat and loosening of facial muscles.Then there are lift surgeries! Midface lift with blepharoplasty is one hugely popular operation.But some times it can also be combined with fore head lift ,chin lifts and neck lift for proper treatment!! Truly speaking ,after 40yrs of age,lift surgeries are only option remaining ! We at lifeaesthetics have fully trained surgeons to perform this delicate operation.We are trained abroad by masters of plastic surgery.

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